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07 March 2008 @ 10:01 pm
Once again, I apologise if this isn't allowed to be posted here!!

As you are all aware, James' birthday is coming up! To celebrate this, I would like to invite you all to take part in the James Roday birthday project at www.james-roday.net!
Incase you aren't sure what this is, let me explain it to you.

James Roday Fan is going to be making a fan book full of messages sent in by you - the fans! This book will then be sent to James for him to read and keep.
Obviously, for this to work, we need submissions! Please send in anything you would like, whether it be a drawing, art of some kind, a message, a poem, whatever etc. It will then be printed off, and included in the book. There are a few basic rules which I'll list now:

1. Please make your message "mature" - for example, try not to send a million messages like "I love you!" "I want to marry you" etc! :)

2. You may include your name and country, but please do not include any personal information (for example, phone numbers and addresses)

3. Try not too write too much about James' personal life and girlfriend etc. A short mention is fine.

That's it! Please feel free to take part by sending your messages in now! You can do that by sending to to my email address, which is HayDuchovny[at]aol.com (replace [at] with @) and I'll make sure your submissions are included in the fanbook and sent to James!